Universal Smart Instrumentation Platform - USIP

The Universal Smart Instrumentation Platform (USIP) utilizes a mobile device or computer to communicate with smart devices (sensors, probes, controllers) to monitor and control any functions, thus replacing traditional instrument hardware. The Smart App interface supports real-time data monitoring facilitates instrument control and operation. A wireless data logger (Ubiquitor) acts as a bridge between the smart device and sensor data acquisition module. The Universal Smart Controller (USC) allows you to control any device by plugging the sensors into the platform using your smartphone.

Ubiquitor - Wireless Universal Sensor Device

We have fully researched and developed a device we call the "Ubiquitor," which is a handheld, fully modular system with a universal sensor node and gateway system that uses a smartphone as the output display module that displays the readings of various probe modules. We have completed an initial production run of 1,000 devices and intend to develop this into full-scale production as soon as commercially possible. The Ubiquitor is a wireless sensor device that combines measuring tools with smartphone technology to quickly deliver sensor node data on desktop and mobile phone screens. The Ubiquitor's sensor analytics system will integrate event-monitoring, storage and analytics software in a cohesive package that we hope will provide a holistic view of sensor data it is reading.

Universal Smart Controller (USC) - Controller Device

The USC device controls any device plugged into it using the SmartApp. Through the app you are able to turn devices on and off, set automated rules and also control the amount of power sent to the devices. This devices combines the sensor technology of the Ubiquitor with the controller ports to maximize the USIP by providing you with real-time sensor data and control from any smart phone device.


Our sensors are the size of a usb stick and connect to an ubiquitor with ease. These sensors are able to measure temperature, humidity, ph and much more. The flexibility of the ubiquitor also allows multiple different sensors to connect to the USIP.